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Our history

Once upon a time, and still there is, Gabriella Billo, an elegant Venetian lady, an esthete by vocation in love with her land and the magic of colors. Thirty years ago, almost as a “game”, he decided to listen to his irrepressible creative flair and devote himself to the creation in person of something that contained all his passions: he then began to create bags, luxurious, unique and amazing. She was not yet aware of it but … fate was already in the air!

Creation after creation, year after year, the time was approaching to baptize Gabriella’s passion and declare it to the world. A working group was created consisting of excellent and qualified elements, professionals and consultants who dedicated themselves to sector studies, research and development. And here, Bruga officially entered the scene with the first specimens up to present, today a more substantial range of handcrafted bags and coordinated articles of small leather goods.

Our Know-How

Bruga Venezia is a 100% Italian company, made of authentic people founded on solid savoir-faire bases and born from the creativity of a woman to pay homage to one of the most beautiful cities in the world, to its artistic tradition and to the illustrious ladies of the his past. Bruga is a new and ancient brand at the same time, because it marries today’s fashion trends, with the values ​​of the manufacture of the past. Values ​​now increasingly sought after, to stand out from those who prefer quantity over quality. Values ​​that are reflected in the choice of top quality and certified raw materials, in the attention to the minutest detail, in the versatility of customizations and in the rigorously handmade realization of the various elements, entrusted without compromise to true masters of art.

Our Collection

Bruga represents the women, the women of Venice. Brigida Rosalba Ursula Gaspara Angelica Five iconic models, available in as many variations as you can dream of. Each of them has its own muse, whose history is hidden in the folds of the bag. Reading the stories, you immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere of the Venice of yesteryear. Owning a Bruga bag is a sign of distinction, of class, of luxury. But, above all, it is a privilege intended for those with a noble soul and a polite sensitivity for art and refinement.


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