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Bruga, a company that produces high-end bags and accessories,
was created to pay homage to the creative women of Venice in the 17th and 18th centuries,
when this city excelled in the international scene of the time in Art, Culture and Commerce.
Bruga becomes, therefore, the force of passion for the territory and the craftsmen of our land,
because only very experienced hands can make unique and exclusive pieces.

Bruga, through the creativity of Gabriella Billo, art director and founder of the brand,
interprets a classic style revised in a contemporary key, therefore able to represent the best of Venetian culture, both artistic and artisanal.
Each bag or creation Bruga is strictly handmade, using selected materials and very high quality.
The craftsmen of Bruga take an average of sixty hours to produce a single piece.
Each product is numbered and catalogued to ensure the traceability and excellence of authentic “made in Italy”.


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